Top Advertising Agencies in Denmark

Top Advertising Agencies in Denmark

This article will focus on advertising agencies in Denmark. There are many advertising agencies in Denmark and this list will focus on the major agencies. Along with the major advertising agencies in Denmark, there are a few local agencies to give a more balanced list. This list, like all the lists on Agency Roll, is a starting guide for anyone looking for advertising agencies in Denmark and it should not be used as a ranking. This list of advertising agencies in Denmark is designed to give you a starting point. If you know of an advertising agency in Denmark that should be on this list leave a comment below and let us know.

Top advertising agencies in Denmark

Robert/Boisen & Like-minded

Robert/Boisen & Like-minded is a Danish, independent advertising agency located in the heart of Copenhagen. Founded in 1998, they are proud to say to have been part of moving the Danish advertising industry forward. And even more proud to have been awarded the most creative agency in Denmark by the top 200 marketing directors, five years in a row (2010-2015).

They are a full service agency with no digital titles, where all disciplines work closely together. They attack briefs from an user experience perspective, understanding where they can create impactful solutions, giving the most effect with the means they have. And this is why all of them are “digital”, or human as they prefer to call it.

Being “Like-minded” is rooted in their DNA. Why they also very selective with whom they work. Every business relationship they start is driven by one of their partners in order to ensure quality and longevity. They also ensure to keep a diversified portfolio, both with local and international clients, and different categories in order to always evolve their expertise.

CP+B Copenhagen

They are an integrated full-service agency with a clear mission; to spark conversation about your brand and create the dramatically most effective communication in the world. With expertise in strategy, creativity, design and technology, their team constantly aims to be at the leading edge in everything they do. They believe in pushing the envelope rather than playing it safe. They like to take a deep dive into your brand, swim around in your numbers, re-think your in-store experience or rebrand your ID from scratch because no convention is sacred here and the status is far from quo.

CP+B Copenhagen is a part of CP+B Scandinavia with offices in Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Oslo. In total they are 80 full-time, late-working, on-timing, below-budgeting, overnight-FedExing, hard-charging, clutch-saving, coffee-chugging, pop-culture changing, and marketing fanatics.

Hjaltelin Stahl

At Hjaltelin Stahl, they are experts in consumer behavior and new media. In 2016 follows the consumer not a linear buying behavior, but undergoes instead one semikaotisk checkout process where they meet yours and your competitors’ brand in many different connection points. Online and offline.  Sharp and penetrating communication of paid, owned and earned media across these connection points is essential to win.

As a customer of Hjaltelin Stahl get why a dedicated cross media team, led by a Client Service Director, Creative Lead and Project Manager, supplemented by the appropriate specialists from dialogue, social and digital. They can serve as your cross media agency or you can choose them as your specialist agency in one of their following competencies.


Since Vertic’s launch in 2002, they’ve been fiercely dedicated to developing digital solutions that help their Fortune 500 clients build their brands, provide superior customer experiences and generate tangible business results. Their approach is interdisciplinary, combining strategy, storytelling, creativity and interactive design. They’re independently owned with offices in New York, Seattle, Copenhagen, and Singapore.

At Vertic they believe people must be engaged when interacting with a brand. That’s why their solutions allow the user to develop an affinity and an emotional bond with the brand. This means their work changes consumer behavior and in doing so, generates demand for their clients’ brands, products and solutions.


ADtomic is an international strategic communications agency. Creating 360° campaigns that live 365 days a year.

Konstellation & Republica

Konstellation & Republica is ready to build inspiring creative platforms based on sharp insights, innovative ideas, unforgettable content and shopper experiences consumers’ love. They’re ready to identify, maximize and cleverly connect consumer touchpoints and to pounce on all opportunities to create new and better ones … from packaging and product innovation to digital development, social media and whatever technology is next. In short, they can’t wait to bring your brand into people’s daily lives in new and exciting ways. The journey has begun …

Clear Channel Denmark

They are Clear Channel Denmark – one of the world’s largest Outdoor businesses. Every day they connect advertisers with thousands of people through inspiring advertising campaigns. Outdoor advertising has both the frequency and coverage for a short time to create knowledge. In a time when consumers are on the move, and media habits are in flux, shows Outdoor advertising its worth. Adshels are inevitable in the urban space, and Billboards large surfaces stealing attention. Strategically located in densely populated urban areas to deliver your message across Denmark.


REPUTATION was first established in Copenhagen in 2001. Since then they have become the leading Publicis agency in the Nordics employing 30 permanent staff members in Copenhagen and 20 in their offices in Helsinki. They are a Nordic lead agency for consumer brands within cars, make up, fashion, food and healthcare. REPUTATION is also global lead agency for several other clients. They have solid experience developing tailor-made solutions for such diverse markets as e.g. Russia and the US.


Founded in 1976, Advance is now one of Denmark’s largest independent creative agencies. Proudly headquartered in Copenhagen, their perspective is distinctly global thanks to a healthy mix of Danish and international clients. Today, more than half of their work is produced for international audiences.


Envision is a knowledge agency. Good ideas are not fun to be fun and taken out of thin air. They are not advertising entertainment and kommunikationslir. At envision giving ideas sense. Opinion for consumers in the midst of their everyday lives. And sense for their clients with their goals and ambitions. They believe that the right knowledge creates strategic creativity that moves people, attitudes and products.


In Ogilvy they solve business challenges and create measurable results for their customers. Always with firm belief that efficiency is based on a strong strategy, sharp insights, and creative innovation. They believe in cultivating the individual’s expertise and having dedicated specialists working together in teams to solve specific tasks and issues. It ensures that they take advantage of the strengths of the individual disciplines and make them play together so that the impact of their work is getting bigger.

DDB Copenhagen

DDB Copenhagen is an unscheduled agency consisting of 40 people with competencies in advertising, design, technology, social media and dialogue, all striving for the same: understanding their customers’ world and making it interesting for others.

Final Thoughts on advertising agencies in Denmark

There are many advertising agencies in Denmark, if we missed some of the major advertising agencies in Denmark and you feel that an advertising agency in Denmark should be on this list leave a comment below and let us know. Denmark is a major market and it will continue to grow. Internet penetration is still growing, but with new tech and better access, we will see an explosion of demand for consumer goods and services. Make sure you are ready to capitalize on this expected growth by working with an advertising agency in Denmark. This list of advertising agencies in Denmark should help you get started.


Note: We have not hired any of these advertising agencies in Denmark and we do not have firsthand experience with their work. Also, most of the descriptions of the advertising agencies in Denmark are taking from LinkedIn profiles or from the other websites.
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