Top Advertising Agencies in Oregon

Top Advertising Agencies in Oregon, Top Advertising Agency in Oregon

This article will focus on advertising agencies in Oregon. There are many advertising agencies in Oregon and this list will focus on the major agencies. Along with the major advertising agencies in Oregon, there are a few local agencies to give a more balanced list. This list, like all the lists on Agency Roll, is a starting guide for anyone looking for advertising agencies in Oregon and it should not be used as a ranking. This list of advertising agencies in Oregon is designed to give you a starting point. If you know of an advertising agency in Oregon that should be on this list leave a comment below and let us know.

Top advertising agencies in Oregon


They are an independent, creatively driven advertising agency that creates strong and provocative relationships between good companies and their customers. They believe that it doesn’t matter where, how or in what medium an idea is expressed, you still have to start with a good one. Their independence is reflected through the work and culture of each of their offices. You’ll find examples of this on their site through the creative, headlines aggregated from each of their blogs and their radio and entertainment group WKE. And most importantly, you’ll find their people—not just their names and titles, but what they do, what they’re into and how they’ve contributed to making this agency great. They hope you comment on the work, learn about their people and visit often.


They’re a gang of nimble creatives who never source outside their merry circle of proven designers, artists, writers, producers, and brand-building visionaries.

Cappelli Miles

Cappelli Miles is a full-service advertising and marketing agency located in Eugene & Portland, Oregon. They assist their clients in all aspects of advertising and marketing with a focus on brand development and identity management; specifically in designing blueprints for long-term, multiphase, omni-channel marketing and communication campaigns. All jargon aside; at the end of the day they thrive on creating innovative solutions that help your business succeed.


North is an independent ad agency in Portland, Oregon. They make and tell stories for clients with purpose and soul. They help brands thrive and stand out in analog, digital and social spaces. That’s only possible by looking, digging, and pushing further than expected. They love doing that.


They’re a marketing agency of hardworking, smart-thinking people who nerd out about strategy and advertising. But never without first thoroughly listening to their clients’ needs + challenges and never at the expense of expenses. Their targeted, results-driven approach is trackable, ROI-able and the farthest thing from nonsensical.


They are more than an advertising agency. They are a Go-To-Market Accelerator that uses creative insight, strategic intelligence and powerful relationships to achieve business outcomes quickly and more cost effectively than traditional agencies.


At Sq1, they have teams of talent for every tactic. So once they define your core audience (and their look-a-likes), they can effectively surround them with strategic messaging that gets results. Every industry has a unique audience profile warranting a custom-fit strategy. They have proven success within a variety of verticals, pulling in big wins for their clients. And if there’s anything they love more than winning, it’s proving how far they pulled ahead with a little thing called data. They believe in performance transparency with their clients – win or lose.


Magneto is a full-service, integrated advertising agency that provides exceptional creative solutions for its clients. They engage audiences and spark excitement for brands.

Bradshaw Advertising

At Bradshaw, it’s not about creating just a big idea; it’s about delivering the right idea – the single best solution to your marketing needs. It’s also about creating measurable results.


Everyone at BPN is fueled by the same thing – curiosity. They have an agency-wide need to know what’s going on in culture, what’s changing about consumer behavior, what powerful new creative and media tools are available and, most of all, what exactly is going on in their client’s business. Every project is a unique riddle, and they know from experience the best solutions come from asking the best questions.


Their road is full of turns for the better. They’re a full-service creative agency made up of 170 wayfinders and storytellers across three offices. They are all, despite their role or region, united by a single vision: Move brands forward by bringing great ideas to light.

Blue Collar Agency

The tested truth of their blue collared forefathers: hard work gets things done. No one ever produced anything worthwhile without dirty hands, passion, and grit. They’re heaving that conviction over their shoulders, stepping forward, and swinging it like a sledgehammer.  ‘Work First’ means the insides of their digital products are as beautiful as the fit and finish. This requires expertly crafted tech that’s reliable and easy to maintain; and 100% aligned with the overall purpose. They fuse technical knowhow and innovative creativity with your brand, then refine till it’s perfect.


They are your full-service social media team and their 3-point system has proven to get results; using your company’s profiles, they manage your brand’s story, publish content, drive sales through advertising and impact your customer relationships through outreach and conversation management. They fuel your brand’s ongoing success by integrating these three areas through data-driven strategies to target and connect with decision makers and other audiences.


Gard is an advertising and public relations firm, specializing in corporate and public policy communications. They think strategically and creatively, and they execute with discipline and attention to detail. The firm has significant experience in crisis communications, issue management and social marketing, as well as communications related to regulatory, permitting and litigation matters.

They work in traditional and digital environments, creating and managing content in paid, earned and social media. Over the years, they’ve developed a set of principles that guide the firm. They call them the Manzanita Notes. The first one remains first in importance: Concentrate on the work and the rest will follow.


Here’s to those companies hell-bent on creating good in the world. They feel you. But business doesn’t run on best intentions. A mission like yours needs every possible advantage to compete, to rise, to win, in the din of modern marketing and media. Connection is the currency today. Messages matter more than ever. Your content, quality, timing, and placement of it are critical. As a full-service creative agency, they make sure your audience is getting your best. The world is ready for your story. Let’s begin.


When you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, Ka-Pow! You make impact. Their team believes media is more than a message in waiting; media is the planned convergence of creativity, analytics and consumer behavior.


Roundhouse was founded in 2001 by Dana Bainbridge and Joe Sundby, two friends with a shared talent for creativity and a love of the outdoors. Today, Roundhouse is a growing, independent, full-service creative agency providing services across strategy, advertising, branding, digital, social, experiential and retail. As their agency and client base continue to expand, they strive to maintain the same unique point of view and thoughtful intensity they started with. After all, they know their best work comes by partnering with brands they’re passionate about.

Paradux Media Group

Paradux Media Group is a full-service creative agency, specializing in delivering a message that will help differentiate your company from the crowd in your pond.

Final Thoughts on advertising agencies in Oregon

There are many advertising agencies in Oregon, if we missed some of the major advertising agencies in Oregon and you feel that an advertising agency in Oregon should be on this list leave a comment below and let us know. Oregon is a major market and it will continue to grow. Internet penetration is high and with new tech and better access, we will see continued demand for consumer goods and services. Make sure you are ready to capitalize on this growth by working with an advertising agency in Oregon. This list of advertising agencies in Oregon should help you get started.

If you are looking for national level advertising agencies in the USA, we have a list here: Top Advertising Agencies in USA



Note: We have not hired any of these advertising agencies in Oregon and we do not have firsthand experience with their work. Also, most of the descriptions of the advertising agencies in Oregon are taking from LinkedIn profiles or from other websites.
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