Top Maine Advertising Agencies List

Top Maine Advertising Agencies List, Top Maine Advertising Agency List

This article will focus on Maine advertising agencies. There are many Maine advertising agencies and this list will focus on the major agencies. Along with the major Maine advertising agencies, there are a few local agencies to give a more balanced list. This list, like all the lists on Agency Roll, is a starting guide for anyone looking for Maine advertising agencies and it should not be used as a ranking. This list of Maine advertising agencies is designed to give you a starting point. If you know of a Maine advertising agency that should be on this list leave a comment below and let us know.

Top Maine Advertising Agencies List

Garrand Moehlenkamp

For 30 years Garrand Moehlenkamp has been helping companies grow successful brands that nourish their customers on every level; body, mind and spirit. They call them Nourishing Brands™. Let’s make something together.

Briggs Advertising

Yes, they design websites, brochures, print, produce radio, TV, training videos, events, create trade show booths, POP, strategic marketing plans, manage online presence and anything else their clients need, but…  At the heart of it all, they want to partner with organizations that value their brands, want help making them better, and believe in the power of great design. They’re passionate about what they do brand, because it’s at the heart of all great work nurturing, because it’s emotional and ongoing and for hire, because they’re good at what they do and expect to be paid fairly.


At VIA, they believe everything begins with a fresh perspective, and that has allowed them to remain one of the largest independent agencies left in the business. No one likes to geek out over data and wax poetic like they do, but it all starts with a fresh perspective — and that they have in spades.

Burgess Advertising & Marketing

Burgess Advertising & Marketing has been building brands in Maine for 30 years. And while they may have many new tactics today, they start with the same rock-solid foundation of success: a genuine, strategic positioning each client can own. From there they select the ideal tactics for your goals, your budget, your brand…from today’s amazingly full box of tools, online and offline, paid, earned and owned. Guided only by two constants that they feel strongly about: excellence in execution and verifiable results.

Vreeland Marketing

Vreeland Marketing & Design is a full-service Maine-based marketing agency. Their integrated approach helps their clients make the most of every communications platform to connect with their customers.


To the outside observer, their environment might appear chaotic, but it’s how the creative work gets done. Their commitment to making their clients more successful — while meeting a steady flow of deadlines — is never easy, but is often rewarding. That’s why they’re here.

There’s a constant push and enthusiasm to do their best. At any point in the day, you’ll find people mixing it up — talking, asking questions, exchanging ideas. Occasionally shouting profanities. They have a great group of talented people who like what they do, and like to laugh. Work, they take seriously. Themselves? Not so much.

Woodbury & Morse

What happened? Somewhere along the line, too many ad agencies and too many advertisers decided to play it safe. Over caution became the dominant strategy. Instead of the challenge of creating the most intrusive, memorable, and compelling concepts, the path of least resistance became the answer to every question.

Plain vanilla rules the day. The problem with this same-old, same-old, biz as usual, let’s not go overboard, let’s not even look overboard approach, is that nothing breaks through the clutter. All the messages seem the same. Audiences tune it out. And nothing really happens. Woodbury & Morse wants to make it happen.


They believe the most compelling message is the truth—and they work really hard to find it. It all begins with an immersion, leading to deep discussions about your brand. And then they think. Qualitatively. Quantitatively. They think bigger. They think smaller. They think about what is right for you and how to accomplish your goals.


At Rinck, they have the best clients in the world. And the smartest. Job one is to listen to their client partners, truly hear their opinions, embrace their challenges and respond with strategic, results-oriented solutions that allow consumers to build a relationship with the brand. Brand Touch® is the way they frame the discussion and the way they create campaigns. Brand Touch gives their clients the tools to have that discussion with the goal of a desirable outcome… a sale, a convert, a lifetime customer. They work in a way that supports brands. And they know how to deliver on time and on budget with measurable results and ROI.


At Fuseideas they were founded on the belief that technology, media and changing consumer behavior creates challenges that at times can feel insurmountable.   Navigating these changes with limited budgets and steep competition make your job harder than ever before. You can’t afford to rely on the status quo and it’s not in your job description. You need an agency partner that understands this and is going to help you navigate the challenges ahead.

Proactive Resources Design

Proactive Resources Design, Inc. is a boutique, full-service advertising & design agency in Portland, Maine offering turnkey marketing & advertising strategy, public relations support, media buying, graphic design & website design, corporate identity & branding, direct marketing, event planning, and more.

Marshall Communications

Marshall Communications is a boutique marketing and public relations agency that has been working with clients and the media since its founding in 1991. Maine based and globally connected, they bring Maine to the world and the world to Maine. Their disciplined, strategic approach to marketing and PR has built brands through relationships and innovative storytelling for more than 26 years.

Adventure Advertising

Adventure Advertising combines passion and skill with creativity and expertise to deliver a unique marketing service to clients who share their commitment to integrity and customer respect. They’ll help you to identify your market and articulate your message. They’ll find creative and memorable ways to make lasting impressions on your customers. They’ll help you sell more product or services, and make more money.

Blaze Partners

Their leadership team has worked on both sides of the client/agency table. They know what it’s like to work with an agency that’s passionate about your business versus one that’s just going through the motions. When they started their own agency, they resolved to do better, rolling up their sleeves and doing their homework to become valued partners to a wonderful collection of inspiring brands. They are Blaze Partners.

NL Partners

They are a dog-friendly ad agency driven to help their clients succeed by engaging with their customers. How do they achieve engagement? By developing content that connects with people where they want it, when they want it. Their motto is Reach, Connect, Engage. Their mantra is simple, if their clients succeed, they will do well.  They believe that by doing the former they will achieve the latter. They invite you to view the samples of their work and if you would like to see more, please let them know. Perhaps most importantly, if you are in the neighborhood, stop by and say hello. And feel free to bring your four-legged friend.


Founded in 2004, Pulp+Wire is an award-winning, full service, consumer packaging, branding and marketing agency located in Portland, Maine. The company specializes in helping natural and organic foods and lifestyle brands discover their unique identity and creating the websites, packaging, creative collateral, and social media strategies that resonate with the booming audience for their products.

Final Thoughts on Maine advertising agencies

There are many Maine advertising agencies, if we missed some of the major Maine advertising agencies and you feel that a Maine advertising agency should be on this list leave a comment below and let us know. Maine is a major market and it will continue to grow. Internet penetration is high and with new tech and better access, we will see continued demand for consumer goods and services. Make sure you are ready to capitalize on this growth by working with a Maine advertising agency. This list of Maine advertising agencies should help you get started.

If you are looking for national level advertising agencies in the USA, we have a list here: Top Advertising Agencies in USA



Note: We have not hired any of these Maine advertising agencies and we do not have firsthand experience with their work. Also, most of the descriptions of the Maine advertising agencies are taking from LinkedIn profiles or from other websites.
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